Deep Email Miner


The Changelog provides an overview over all previous releases.
Version v1.1
  • Fixed application freeze on Java 6 and Java 7
Version v1
  • Added statistical text analysis functionality with WVTool
  • Cleaned Menu Bar
  • Refactored Email Caching
  • Created Source Release
  • Finished Program Manual
  • Many Bugfixes
Version 0.7
  • Fixed vertex- and edge-selection from tables.
  • Added ranking labels in graph view.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in windows menu.
  • Added unfiltered statistics.
  • Improved thread detection.
  • Added warning dialog for too many edges.
  • Added zoom panel in network tab.
  • Renamed general tab to network tab.
  • Unconnected vertices are now colored differently.
  • Fixed bug: layout scaling on clustering enable/disable.
  • Integrated Labelling UI.
  • Request otherRecipients from DB is now working.
Version 0.6
  • Introduced email thread detection.
  • Implemented user interface for email labelling (text mining).
  • EmailViewer now capable of searching all recipients of an email.
  • Minor changes to the EmailCache and the database reader.
  • Add the info glass pane to provide an overview over most important parameters.
  • Fixed initial filtering bug
  • Modified ranking architecture.
Version 0.5
  • Introduced properties file for configuration settings
  • Fixed grouping of clusters
  • Hide unconnected vertices
  • Email message viewer
  • Added vertex set viewer, edge set viewer and cluster set viewer
  • Added ranking mechanism and first email rankers
  • Added the new Deep Email Miner application icon
Version 0.4
  • Filtering mechanism is now working
  • Node / Edge context menues for email set viewer
  • Email caching
  • Debugged Database reader
  • Improved Clustering
Version 0.3
  • Several user interface changes
  • The clustering handler can now be enabled/disabled
  • Added data to sample network
  • Interface for email caching